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Pinder: Tinder for Peering!

Swipe Right On A New Peering Relationship!

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Communicating with new peers sucks

Ever tried to get peering with another ISP, sent them an email, and spent days in an email chain trying to sort out all the details? Ever received a peering request and it's lacking most of the important data such as where they are requesting peering, or even simple data such as their preferred maximum prefixes setting, or their IRR Record to use for prefix filtering?

Communicating with new peers can be easier!

Pinder acts as a neutral third party -- you request peering via either the API or one of the front-ends developed for it, and the other party receives a notification leading them to the Pinder site with all your details filled in from PeeringDB, and a list of common internet exchange points and/or facilities.

Flexible methods of communication

If the receiving peer wants to discuss technical implementation such as MD5 passwords, PNI rather than bilateral peering at a common internet exchange, peering policies, or commercial terms, contact methods such as email or telephone numbers can be shared to make direct contact and discuss, without having to reject the peering request!


The project was presented at the RIPE NCC IXP Tools Hackathon, 22/23 October 2016.